Flexible Rockfall Barrier Post Support Performance

The use of flexible-net barriers for mitigating rockfall have a long history of use and are widely recognized as a valuable tool. The development of testing and certification procedures have helped the industry take a more standardized approach to material specification. In recent years focus has shifted towards the need to standardize the method of application of such materials, regarding issues such as factors of safety to be applied, adapting systems to meet real-world needs, and the design and construction of the anchorage. One particular area needing further development is a realistic approach to the design of post base supports. Recently the Post Base Support Committee of the AGHP contributed an article to the May/June issue of the Geostrata magazine that touches on this topic. It is a quick glimpse at the focus of the Committee and the issues that should be addressed when approaching the design of post base supports for flexible barriers. Well worth the read!

View the article here.

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