Members are listed alphabetically. All of the following Directing and Corporate Members are in good standing with the AGHP and are active members of the geohazard community.

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BGC Logo
BGC Engineering Inc. (BGC)
Engineering Consulting Company  |  Corporate Member

BGC Engineering Inc. (BGC) is an earth sciences consulting firm that specializes in addressing engineering and environmental issues in challenging terrain, with much of our work focusing on geohazard risk management.

The AGHP offers great opportunities for BGC to collaborate with all sides of the geohazard risk management field to help move our profession forward.
Company Name: BGC Engineering Inc. (BGC)
Contact: Alex Strouth
Phone: (720) 598-5982
Address: American Mountaineering Center 710 10th Street – Suite 170
City: Golden
State/Prov.: Colorado
Postal Code/Zip: 80401
Country: USA

Cable Moore Logo
Cable Moore, Inc.
Engineering Consulting Company  |  Corporate Member

Cable Moore, Inc. is a HUB-ZONE certified woman owned business with locations in Texas, Northern and Southern California. We specialize in all products for lifting, pulling and tying down. These products include, not limited to, wire rope, chain, fittings, hoists, cordage, wire rope slings, synthetic slings, chain slings and custom fabricated structural steel and lifting products. The goal of our company is to help the customer get their rigging faster and assist in any technical matters for rigging to get the job done safely and efficiently. It is our belief that when Cable Moore, Inc. makes the process of getting custom made rigging products to our customers faster their overall business increases and their internal operations become more efficient. As well as being able to meet the most demanding rigging needs, Cable Moore, Inc. also has a fully equipped machine shop able to design and manufacture the right metal products to get the project done from start to finish. Supplying the vast needs of many industries is a task Cable Moore, Inc. has been willing to meet since we opened for business in 1986. Given the opportunity we are sure we are able to supply a quality product at a pace that will earn and maintain your business for years to come.

Company Name: Cable Moore, Inc.
Phone: 510-436-8000
Address: 4700 Coliseum Way
City: Oakland
State/Prov.: California
Postal Code/Zip: 94601
Country: USA

Gannett Fleming
Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Engineering/Consulting Company  |  Corporate Member

Gannett Fleming is a global infrastructure firm focused on planning, design, technology, and construction management services for a diverse range of markets and disciplines. With 2,500 highly qualified individuals across a global network of 60 offices, we are united in our passion to deliver excellence. We have played a part in shaping infrastructure and improving communities in more than 65 countries, specializing in transportation, environmental, water, energy, and facility‐related projects. Founded in 1915, we embrace sustainability and innovation in our projects and internal activities, achieving results while being responsible stewards of our environment. We are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Company Name: Gannett Fleming, Inc.
Contact: Matthew B. Morris, PG
Phone: 717-763-7211
Address: 207 Senate Avenue
City: Camp Hill
State/Prov.: Pennsylvania
Postal Code/Zip: 17011
Country: USA

Geobrugg Logo
Geobrugg North America, LLC
Manufacturing Company  |  Directing Member

Geobrugg is the global leader in the design and fabrication of geohazard protection systems, including: rockfall, shallow landslide and debris flow protection, slope stabilization, and avalanche prevention.

For more than 60 years, Geobrugg has combined continual research and development with an extensive network of customer support to work with designers, installers, and end customers in providing cost effective solutions for geohazard challenges.
Company Name: Geobrugg North America, LLC
Contact: Pierce Runnels
Phone: 505-771-4080
Address: 22 Centro Algodones
City: Algodones
State/Prov.: New Mexico
Postal Code/Zip: 87001
Country: USA

GeoBuild, LLC
Contracting Company | Corporate Member

GeoBuild, LLC is driven by one purpose: to deliver outstanding quality geotechnical construction services to our clients.  Our approach is to take a fresh perspective and apply our firm’s experience by creatively and cost-effectively solving geohazards.

We apply innovation to each and every project. We commit to making our private and public clients successful by delivering exceptional customer service based upon the foundations of responsiveness and integrity.  GeoBuild specializes in providing innovative design-build and value engineering services by applying innovative solutions to complex geohazards. By offering these turn-key services, GeoBuild can literally “hit the ground running” to quickly solve and construct a cost-effective geotechnical solution.
Company Name: GeoBuild, LLC
Contact: Paul Hale
Phone: 412-977-8184
Address: PO BOX 16355
City: Pittsburgh
State/Prov.: Pennsylvania
Postal Code/Zip: 15220
Country: USA

GeoStabilization Logo
GeoStabilization International (GSI)
Contracting Company  |  Directing Member

GeoStabilization International® (GSI®) is a geotechnical contracting firm operating throughout the United States and Canada. The firm repairs a full spectrum of geotechnical hazards but specializes in emergency landslide repair and rockfall mitigation using design/build and design/build/warranty contracting.

GSI’s team includes some of the most experienced and innovative geologists, geotechnical engineers, equipment operators, and rockfall remediation technicians in the industry. GSI’s patented tools include the Soil Nail Launcher™, the Biowall® System, SuperMicropiles™, and SuperNails®, all of which GSI installs using a combined fleet of over 50 purpose-built launchers and limited access drill rigs.
Company Name: GeoStabilization International (GSI)
Branch Offices in AZ, BC, CA, CO, FL, KY, NC, OH, ON, OR, TN, & VA
Contact: Colby Barrett
Phone: 855-579-0536
Address: PO Box 4709
City: Grand Junction
State/Prov.: Colorado
Postal Code/Zip: 81502
Country: USA

IDS North America Logo
IDS North America
Equipment Manufacturing Company  |  Corporate Member

IDS GeoRadar is a world leader in designing and providing products for subsurface investigations, monitoring of structural, slope and geohazard ground movements and vibrations. IDS GeoRadar provides instruments in theGround Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Interferometric Radar (InSAR) product sectors.

The IDS solutions for GPR are developed for near surface high-resolution subsurface investigations of the earth. Ground Penetrating Radar uses radio wave reflections (frequency from 25 MHz to 3,000 MHz) to collect information of underground or within a structure such as buried pipes, underground cavities, subsurface cracks, voids and layer thicknesses. IDS evolved the concept of standard ground penetrating radar introducing the concept of multi-frequency, multi-channel ground penetrating systems. IDS GPR products include: Aladdin, Opera Duo, RIS Hi-BrigHT, RIS Hi-Pave, RIS MF Hi-Mod, RIS One & RIS Plus, SRS SafeRailSystem, Stream EM, Stream X.The IDS IBIS family of radar interferometers that monitor structure movements and vibrations (bridges, buildings, dams, historical monuments, towers etc.) and ground movements (mine walls, Geohazards, glaciers, land subsidence) are an increasingly important set of tools for today’s construction, geotechnical, and transportation engineers. IDS Interferometric radar solutions, embodied by the IBIS range of products, provide innovative and unique solutions for remote, long range, continuous real-time inspection of the above mentioned areas, spanning from structures to geological environments, by measuring the phase difference of reflected waves to provide a detailed image of all displacements. IDS Interferometric radar products include: IBIS-FS, IBIS-FL, IBIS-FM, IBIS-Rover, IBIS-FMT, FPM360.
Company Name: IDS North America Limited

Maccaferri Logo
Maccaferri Inc.
Manufacturing Company  |  Directing Member

Since 1879, Maccaferri has evolved into a global provider of wide ranging civil and environmental engineering applications. We have locations in over 100 countries around the world. Well known for double twist hexagonal steel wire mesh, our product range includes Erosion Control, Retaining Walls, Reinforced Soil Slopes, Roads & Pavement, Coastal Protection, Mining Solutions and Rockfall Mitigation.

Maccaferri products have been used to protect infrastructures and lives. Our long-earned experience in this field led to the development of MAC.RO, (Maccaferri Rockfall protection systems) which provides a flexible response to different problems, and combines industrial innovation, advanced research and project design.

Trumer Logo
Trumer North America Inc.
Manufacturing Company  |  Directing Member

TRUMER North America is your competent and experienced partner regarding geohazard mitigation. Together with our partner PFEIFER ISOFER, we provide high quality products for protection from natural hazards like rockfall, instable slopes, shallow landslides, debris flows, bank erosion and avalanches.

Our products are full-scale tested and certified, field proven, effective and economical. Worldwide we support the efforts of geologists, engineers and installation companies in their efforts to protect habitats, buildings and infrastructure. We strive to advance the safety and reliability of mitigation structures for natural hazards beyond standard certification, to meet your highest expectations.
Company Name: Trumer North America Inc.
Contact: Ahren Bichler
Phone: 604-732-0325
Toll Free Phone: 1-855-732-0325
Address: 14900 Interurban Ave. S., Ste. 271 #19
City: Seattle
State/Prov.: Washington
Postal Code/Zip: 98168
Country: USA

Williams Form Engineering
Manufacturing Company   |  Corporate Member

Williams Form Engineering Corporation has been providing threaded steel bars and accessories for rock, soil and concrete anchors, post-tensioning systems, and concrete forming hardware systems in the construction industry for over 95 years.

Our rock and soil anchor product line includes our Spin-Lock mechanical rock anchors, polyester resin anchors, multiple corrosion protection anchors, soil nails, strand anchors, Manta Ray soil anchors, Geo-Drill Hollow-Bar anchors, and micropiles. For concrete anchoring we offer Spin-Lock anchors, undercut anchors, reusable anchors and cast-in-place anchors. We also have a full line of All-Thread Rebar for tiebacks, micropiles and post-tensioning.Company Name: Williams Form Engineering
Contact: Steve Kamp
Phone: 616-866-0815
Address: 8165 Graphic Dr.
City: Belmont
State/Prov.: Michigan
Postal Code/Zip: 49306
Country: USA