The Association of Geohazard Professionals (AGHP) was created in 2013 to support the development of standards, specifications, and best practices concerning the design and implementation of geohazard-related technologies and products; and to support and provide education to the geohazard community and those it serves.


The Association aims to create a stable of resources that will support the purpose of the organization and the promotion of best practices in the geohazards field. The Association leadership is formulating high-altitude goals based on the needs of both the geohazard community and the communities influenced by and benefiting from geohazard technologies.

Current goals and related deliverables include:

    • Standardization & Certification
    • Resources Test Method
    • Development Generic
    • Specifications Design Guidelines
    • Certification Programs for Companies Certification
    • Programs for Technicians
    • Resource Development Webinars
    • Speakers Bureau
    • Online Presentations
    • Conference Papers
    • Other Publications
    • Outreach
    • Short Courses at Conferences
    • Workshops
    • Communication with Agencies and Academia
    • Graduate Program Speakers
    • Integration of Geohazard Information into Non-Geohazard-Specific Events


Because many of the Association’s goals are related to supplementing and promoting standardization, certification and specification of geohazard technologies and solutions, the initial focus of the association will be North American.


The structure of the Board of Directors is designed to:

  • Ensure that each type of member has a voice with regard to the direction of the Association
  • Engage as many relevant perspectives as possible
  • Facilitate efficient interaction with the Executive Director / Management Company
organizational flow chart

Officers, Member Representatives, Directing Members and Advisors make up the Association’s Board of Directors.

Officers are elected from the Directing and Corporate Membership and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms in any one position. Corporate Member Representatives are elected from the Corporate Membership.

There are 6 Membership Categories in the AGHP:

  • Directing Members
  • Corporate Members
  • Agency Members
  • Individual Members
  • Student Members
  • Emeritus Members