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9TH International Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring (02 – 06 May 2023)

It is becoming increasingly evident how the role of geotechnical and structural monitoring is a fundamental element for sustainable development and risk reduction. Geological processes, climate change, and natural resources exploitation are causing potentially dangerous interactions with our natural and build environment. Therefore, geotechnical and structural monitoring is essential to improve everyone’s safety, infrastructure optimization, […]

20th Annual Technical Forum on Geohazards

The Center for Engineering Geosciences and Geohazards in Appalachia (CEGGA) is proud to be sponsoring the 20th Annual Technical Forum on Geohazards. The purpose of the CEGGA is to provide a forum whereby engineering geoscientists and related professionals, researchers, and students can utilize a collaborative platform to develop and strengthen innovative methods and technology in […]

Learn more about AGHP Directing Member

Founded in 2002, GeoStabilization International grew from a passion to protect people from the risk of geohazards, and a drive to do so with cutting-edge solutions that increase efficiency, decrease cost and minimize environmental impact. Today, the leading mitigation firm in North America and New Zealand has grown to a team of more than 600 people composed of geologists, geotechnical engineers, equipment operators, […]

APEX Rockfall Mitigation LLC Becomes a Corporate Member

The Association of Geohazard Professionals is pleased to announce the addition of APEX Rockfall Mitigation LLC as a Corporate Member! Apex Rockfall Mitigation has become one of the leaders in the rockfall and geohazard stabilization industry. Continuing to create and deploy some of the most hi-tech equipment, materials, techniques, and tools available to the trade. […]

Geosynthetics Committee : Case Studies Requested

The “Geosynthetics for Geohazard Mitigation Committee” as one of the Technical Committees for AGHP has created a task group named “Projects History”. This task group is collecting state-of-the- art case studies of projects on which Reinforced Soil Structures have been used to mitigate rockfall or other types of Geohazards. The purpose is to help educate […]

AGHP Launches Geosynthetics for Geohazard Mitigation Committee

Geosynthetics have a long history of use in civil engineering where they have a wide range of applications, most commonly for the stabilization or reinforcement of both natural slopes and man-made earth structures, as well as geo-environmental solutions. They are also extensively used for controlling erosion of unstable slopes. More recently, geosynthetics are increasingly being […]

Corporate Member Profile: Tokyo Rope

With more than 130 years of reputation in rope manufacturing and decades of successful experience in development of Geohazard Countermeasures, Tokyo rope is now the leading Japanese manufacturer of specialty steel products for Rockfall, Avalanche and Debris flow control systems. Tokyo Rope started developing Geohazard Mitigation Systems in close collaboration with the Japanese National Railways […]

New Webinar Recording Available on Remote Sensing Tools

Our recently held webinar, Remote Sensing Tools for Identification and Monitoring of Geohazards, is now available for on-demand viewing. To access the webinar recording or to download the presentation slides, login to the AGHP Member’s Center. Not a member? Join the Association to gain access to this webinar and enjoy these other membership benefits.  To understand the future […]

Corporate Member Profile: Rocscience

Since 1987, the Rock Engineering Group at the University of Toronto has developed and distributed geomechanics software, fulfilling a need for more reliable, easy-to-use 2D and 3D analysis and design tools in the mining and civil engineering industries. Under the leadership of Dr. Evert Hoek and Dr. John Curran our first suite of programs evolved […]

AGHP Announces Rope Access Safety Recognition Recipients for 2020

Association of Geohazard Professionals recognizes Acadia Mountain Guides Climbing School, BAT Construction LTD., Emil Anderson Construction (EAC), Gannett Fleming Inc., GeoBuild, GeoStabilization International®, Global Rope Access, GZA GeoEnvironmental, McMillen Jacobs Associates, Pacific Blasting & Demolition LTD., Washington State Department of Transportation, and Yeh and Associates, Inc for their industry-leading Rope Access Safety programs.  This recognition, honoring […]