Chaired by David J. Scarpato of Scarptec, INC.

Historically, rockfall barrier post support consisted of a small concrete block (generally 1 yd) often without reinforcement. Field experience with these foundations was very good, and showed acceptable performance even during significant and beyond-design energy impacts. Recently, post support design has changed. Much larger foundations are used, as a result of designers needing to design even more massive foundations in order to provide something that would satisfy the foundation's loads provided by barrier manufacturers. In the absence of industry-specific post support methodologies and guidelines, designers have been forced to design according to standards that do not apply to the performance needed from a rockfall barrier post support.

AGHP Case Study Submissions

The AGHP committee on Post Base Support and Anchorage has worked for three years on the topic of efficient design and construction of post base supports for flexible-net geohazard mitigation systems. A milestone was reached at the end 2016 with the writing and submission of a TRB Research Needs Statement through the Engineering Geology committee on this topic. We are continuing this year with the collection of examples from real-world post base support and anchors systems and an evaluation of their performance following impacts. The data set will be integral in establishing appropriate state-of-the-art guidelines that will help engineers and contractors select efficient and cost-effective designs relevant to their projects. In this endeavor, we invite you to submit examples of installed systems that have been impacted by an event and which showcase the performance of the post base support anchorage, whether good or poor performance. Please complete as many of the fields as possible to help add to this body of knowledge. Information collected will not be made public.

Please note that all data submitted will be kept confidential and used solely for research purposes, viewed only by members of the Post Base Support Committee within the Association of Geohazard Professionals (AGHP). If more specific information is required or if the data is to be considered for any further use, the AGHP will make all necessary and appropriate requests for permission of usage. The data will not be published, distributed, or similar without first obtaining written approval and verifying the correctness of the submitted data. Data will not be used to promote or held against any individual or corporation, including but not limited to the owner, design engineers, installation contractor, manufacturer, or other entity involved with the implementation of the mitigation measure.

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