Debris Flow and Steep Creek Hazards Committee

Co-Chaired by:

Dr. Saoirse Robin Goodwin, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Dr. Guillaume piton, IRNAE

The committee was created and chaired by Dr. Clarence Choi, The University of Hong Kong (, until 2022.

As human development continues to encroach upon hillsides and extreme rainfall events occur with increasing frequency due to climate change, dangers associated with geophysical flows will inevitably increase. Despite efforts on improving scientific understanding and mitigating geophysical hazards, as many as 2,250 deaths resulted from 444 fatal landslides in 2016. There is undoubtedly a need to dedicate resources to mitigate geophysical hazards.

The focus of this committee is to collect, disseminate, and produce reliable data, develop new technology and resources for the mitigation of debris flows that will be made available through the Association. It is envisioned that the committee will consist of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds including industry professionals, consultants and academics that are actively engaged in planning, constructing and researching mitigation measures.

Committee Members And Task Forces