STGEC 2015: October 19 – 23, 2015

Welcome to the 46th Annual Southeastern Transportation Geotechnical Engineering Conference – (STGEC)

The South Carolina Department of Transportation, (SCDOT) is pleased to host the 2015 STGEC Conference. The conference will be held on October 19 – 23, 2015 in Greenville, South Carolina.

This conference will explore the challenges and advances in Geotechnical, Geological, Geophysical, and Geoenvironmental Engineering. The Geotechnical field is constantly increasing in its complexity and rate of change. This conference aims to bring together designers, practitioners and research professionals involved in current geotechnical problems and technologies.

The conference is aimed at those involved in the design, construction, management, and research in the geotechnical, geological, geophysical, and geoenvironmental fields related to the transportation industry. In addition, practitioners, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, regulators, and managers from both the private and public sectors are encouraged to attend.

For more information, contact:
Nicholas Harman 803-737-1431 (office) or Tina Kennedy 803-737-5022 (office)

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