Member Profile: Williams Form Engineering Corp.

The ‘Williams’ story began in 1922 when Mr. C. I. Williams graduated from Michigan State University after earning his degree in Civil Engineering.  He initially took a job with the State of Michigan as a bridge inspector.  However, it was not long before Mr. Williams realized the industry desperately needed an improved system for pouring concrete. By the late 1920s, he had developed a concept for a detachable concrete forming system, which he called the “Shebolt” system.

Mr. Williams quit his job as a bridge inspector, bought some equipment and began manufacturing his new product.  He would travel from job to job during the day selling the product, return home, manufacture it that night, and deliver his orders to his customers the following morning.  By the mid-’30s his product and his business had grown far beyond the one-person operation, and in 1937 Williams Form Engineering Corporation was born.

Further advancements in anchoring would soon require the need for ultra-high strength tensioning bars. To respond to the requirement, Williams developed their 150 KSI All-Thread-Bar which today is incorporated throughout the Williams product line, including Williams’ MCP (Multiple Corrosion Protection) pre-stressed grout bonded anchors.  The 150 KSI All-Thread-Bar also became popular in other markets, such as in pre-cast/post-tensioned concrete bridges, keeping Williams involved in bridge construction whether they were poured in-place or pre-cast projects.

Before long, customers using Williams 150 KSI All-Thread-Bar began asking Williams to manufacture another all-thread bar to compete with conventional threaded rebar.  Williams immediately went to work on what eventually became the Williams Grade 75 All-Thread Rebar system.

Williams now has a full line of rock and soil anchor products which include Spin-Lock mechanical rock anchors, polyester resin anchors, multiple corrosion protection anchors, soil nails, strand anchors, Manta Ray soil anchors, Geo-Drill Hollow-Bar anchors, and micropiles.  For concrete anchoring they offer Spin-Lock anchors, undercut anchors, reusable anchors, and cast-in-place anchors.  Additionally, they produce a full line of All-Thread Rebar for tiebacks, micropiles, and post-tensioning.   To this day, Williams is still proudly family-owned and four generations strong.  They operate six manufacturing plants and two warehouses throughout North America and believe “Customer Service” is still the way to do business.

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