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Founded in 2002, GeoStabilization International grew from a passion to protect people from the risk of geohazards, and a drive to do so with cutting-edge solutions that increase efficiency, decrease cost and minimize environmental impact.

Today, the leading mitigation firm in North America and New Zealand has grown to a team of more than 600 people composed of geologists, geotechnical engineers, equipment operators, geohazard mitigation technicians, data analysts, and rockfall remediation technicians. In 2022, Dominic Ivankovich joined GeoStabilization as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), succeeding Colby Barrett, who led the company since 2008 and now holds the role of Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.

“With a strong commitment to ensuring best value through innovation, GeoStabilization works in partnership with our clients to engineer customized solutions that protect people and improve critical infrastructure with limited disruption,” said Ivankovich. “Our expertise, proprietary tools, and worldwide partnerships allow us to repair virtually any slope stability or foundation in any geologic setting. To date, we have completed more than 5,500 projects.”

GeoStabilization provides routine and emergency landslide and rockfall mitigation within the transportation, railway, mining, commercial, and energy industries. Specialized stabilization services for bridge substructures, retaining walls, shorelines and sinkholes are also available. All projects use an integrated design and construction process and a suite of unique technologies such as the Soil Nail Launcher™, RailJET®, and Spider Excavators.

GSI has been a Directing Member of the AGHP since 2013 and a recipient of the AGHP’s Annual Rope Access Safety Recognition since the program’s launch in 2018, showcasing their commitment to the Association and their commitment to safe rope access work.

For more information, visit: www.geostabilization.com

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