AGHP 2018 Rope Access Safety Recognition Program

aghp-safetyrecognition-2018To promote safe work environments within the Geohazard industry, AGHP has initiated an industry-wide Rope Access Safety Recognition Program.  This annual program will recognize companies that develop and implement safe rope access work procedures, provide education and training to their personnel, and commit to enhancing the safety culture within their organizations.  A review of the applicants’ safety program and performance metrics will be conducted including Total Incident Rates and Lost Time / Modified Duty Rates statistics.  Additionally, the corporate application will measure management involvement & commitment to the firm’s safety program, review their written rope access safety procedure, and determine adherence to industry best practices.


The recognition will be conferred to applicants with the lowest TRC rate and a minimum combined 85-point score in leading and trailing safety indicator categories. Additional consideration will be given for a low Days Away and Restricted duty/job Transfer case (DART) rate.  All recipients will receive an official AGHP Rope Access Safety Recognition Plaque.  Additionally, a list of all recipients will be published on the AGHP website, the AGHP Rope Access Safety Recognition Program web directory, and published in relevant industry publications.

Application costs are as follows:

  • As an AGHP agency, corporate, or directing member, no fee
  • As an AGHP individual member on behalf of an agency or company, a reduced fee ($75)
  • As a non-AGHP member on behalf of an agency or company, the full fee ($250)

Important Dates:

  • August 31, 2018: All completed applications must be received by 5 PM, EDT
  • September 10 – 13, 2018: AGHP Rope Access Safety Recognition Notification

All winners will be recognized as the geohazard industry’s safety leaders.  The award will provide owners confidence that the awarded companies will perform their complex and perilous remediation tasks in a safe and professional manner.


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