68th Highway Geology Symposium Early Announcement and Call for Papers

The 68th Annual Highway Geology Symposium (HGS) will be held May 1 to 4, 2016 at the Hilton Atlanta Marietta Hotel & Conference Center in Marietta, Georgia. This year’s host for the Highway Geology Symposium is the University of West Georgia, Golder Associates Inc., and the Georgia Department of Transportation. There will be technical sessions along with industry sponsors and exhibitors.

    Event Schedule

Monday, May 1 Afternoon: TRB Session, Evening Registration and Welcome Reception
Tuesday, May 2 Full Day: Technical Session, Full Day Guest Field Trip: North GA Mountains
Wednesday, May 3 Full Day: Field Trip: Valley Ridge, Evening Banquet
Thursday, May 4 Morning: Technical Sessions

    Call for Abstracts

The review team for Technical Programs invites papers on landslides, retaining structures, soil and rock slope design, foundations, karst terrain, instrumentation, rockfall, rock slope stabilization, geosynthetics, risk and management systems, ground improvement, and geological and geotechnical innovations. Papers on subjects concerning highway related geological and geotechnical problems and the solutions developed to address them are also of interest. Those papers that focus on practical solutions will be given first consideration and will be considered on a first come basis. The deadline for submission of the 200-250 word abstract is December 16, 2016. Please check the Highway Geologic Symposium website for any updates.

    Calling For Young Authors

The Highway Geology Symposium has existed for nearly 70 years and through time has had much participation by “Young Authors”. Young Authors are defined as a participant of the age of 35 years or younger in the year of the Symposium. This participation by our younger professionals has been fabulous and is a true benefit to the Symposium and the Mission of HGS. As with last year, HGS will be recognizing the top three Young Authors with a financial reward, including cash and complimentary future registration. Excitement for the opportunity for participation by Young Authors continues to grow and we encourage you to submit your paper and to present your work at the Symposium. HGS is all about sharing our geologic technical experiences and we look forward to hearing about and learning from them. Pay close attention to the “Call for Abstracts” in this announcement for details and deadlines for submittal. Remember to complete the Young Author Competition Registration Form found on the HGS Website and submit with your abstract.

    Symposium Organization

The Highway Geology Symposium was organized in 1950 to foster better understanding and closer cooperation between geologists and civil engineers in the highway industry. Since 1962, the Symposium has been hosted in western and eastern states on alternating years. The Highway Geology Symposium has no central headquarters, annual dues, or formal membership requirements. The governing body is a steering committee composed of approximately 20 engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers from state and federal agencies, universities, private-sector companies, and consulting firms throughout the United States and Canada. Updated information about the 68th HGS will be posted on the HGS website as it becomes available.

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