Geotechnical News Article: Safe Work on Dangerous Slopes

The March 2018 issue of Geotechnical News, a leading publication on the geotechnical field, features an article from AGHP Members John Duffy, Marc Fish, and Colby Barrett. The piece, which was invited by GN Editor Richard Guthrie and who also provided an introduction to the article, highlights AGHP’s role in the industry and focuses on one of the association’s highest level endeavors right now: Safety.

“The very nature of the work means that lives are being put at risk at every stage of mitigation,” the authors write, “whether it is in the course of preliminary site investiga­tions, during construction, or carry­ing out inspection or maintenance of mitigation measures.”

GN Rope Access Safety - Safe Work on Dangerous Slopes

They highlight the problem of the lack of wide-spread adoption of an updated rope-access protocol, despite the huge growth in the field’s work and new technologies. They show how AGHP is working to correct this void in the practice. And, they emphasize best practices and slope safety evaluation.


AGHP thanks Geotechnical News for inviting the article and for granting the association permission to share a copy of it in PDF. Learn more about Geotechnical News and subscribe at

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