Call for Volunteers AGHP Focal Point Workshop

The Association of Geohazard Professionals is currently developing industry workshops to help educate owners and potential designers of geohazard mitigation structures. Tentatively called “Focal Point Workshops”, these workshops are aimed at highlighting the strengths of AGHP members and the state-of-the-art of the geohazard industry. The workshops would be one-day or half day standalone events comprising of presentations that are used to:

  • Give general background information about the geohazards industry;
  • Highlight the types of companies involved with geohazards and their expertise;
  • Show the types and value of projects that are possible;
  • Outline the approach/methods for owner’s, planner’s, and engineer’s to initiate such projects.

Contrary to technical webinars or talks, these events are meant to focus on more general aspects of the industry that would be presented to non-specialists. They are aimed at owners of geohazards such as DOTs/MOTs, municipalities/counties, developers, railways, mines, etc. as well as planning and engineering firms. The talks would be developed and presented by AGHP members but in a neutral way that would promote the industry as a whole, in an unbiased way.

Once a program is developed, the workshop would be given in multiple locations throughout North America by local members.

The AGHP is looking for a volunteer to follow through with this vision and work with the Board of Directors and the Education Committee to establish a program for the workshop, as well as coordinate the development of the presentations.

For those interested, please send an email to

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