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Welcome to IDS North America, the newest Corporate Members of the AGHP.

IDS GeoRadar is a world leader in designing and providing products for subsurface investigations, monitoring of structural, slope and geohazard ground movements and vibrations. IDS GeoRadar provides instruments in the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Interferometric Radar (InSAR) product sectors.

The IDS solutions for GPR are developed for near surface high-resolution subsurface investigations of the earth. Ground Penetrating Radar uses radio wave reflections (frequency from 25 MHz to 3,000 MHz) to collect information of underground or within a structure such as buried pipes, underground cavities, subsurface cracks, voids and layer thicknesses.

Why GPR Technology?

– GPR technology can locate any pipes / structures / objects: metallic and non-metallic (PVC, concrete, etc.)

– GPR is non-destructive and non-invasive, revealing a wealth of internal detail without the need for coring or breaking out reducing associated risks and costs;

– GPR complements the surface inspection with a documentable and precise (quantitatively interpretable) image of the underground.

IDS evolved the concept of standard ground penetrating radar introducing the concept of multi-frequency, multi-channel ground penetrating systems.

Why use an array of antennas?
– High Quality: the close spacing of the antennas enable an accurate and homogenous 3D reconstruction of the subsurface giving to the user the ability to see shape and size of buried objects.

– Productivity: using more antennas combined with positioning system can save time in the field; to accurately reconstruct the path of the underground in complex situations;

– Safety: array solution can be towed by vehicles, no need of time consuming and dangerous field surveys on roads.

IDS GPR Products include: Aladdin, Opera Duo, RIS Hi-BrigHT, RIS Hi-Pave, RIS MF Hi-Mod, RIS One & RIS Plus, SRS SafeRailSystem, Stream EM, Stream X.

The IDS IBIS family of radar interferometers that monitor structure movements and vibrations (bridges, buildings, dams, historical monuments, towers etc.) and ground movements (mine walls, Geohazards, glaciers, land subsidence) are an increasingly important set of tools for today’s construction, geotechnical, and transportation engineers.
IDS Interferometric Radar Solutions are developed to make it easy.

IDS Interferometric radar solutions, embodied by the IBIS range of products, provide innovative and unique solutions for remote, long range, continuous real-time inspection of the above mentioned areas, spanning from structures to geological environments, by measuring the phase difference of reflected waves to provide a detailed image of all displacements.

Remote sensing, displacement accuracy, real-time one-dimensional simultaneous mapping of all displacement detected on the structure, fast installation and operation, are the strong points of the IDS offering.

IDS Interferometric Radar Products Include: IBIS-FS, IBIS-FL, IBIS-FM, IBIS-Rover, IBIS-FMT, FPM360.

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