AGHP Committee Activity

Post Anchoring System Committee

As the AGHP gets off the ground what was originally known as the Rockfall Barrier Post Support Committee, by survey of committee members, was rebranded the Post Anchoring System Committee. We have been busy thus far holding three committee meetings. During these meetings we have established broad goals for the committee, started a literature review of Post Anchoring Systems, and most recently conducted a detailed survey into the expected performance and serviceability requirements for Post Anchoring Systems.

Education Committee

The AGHP Education Committee is in the process of organizing the first Rope Access Guidelines Workshop. The Workshop will serve to develop the AGHP Rope Access Guidelines for industry adoption. In addition, the Education Committee is identifying venues for the publication and presentation of papers for AGHP Committees to present their work to the Geohazards industry. Members of the Committee are also preparing Brown Bag Seminars to speak to government and private industry about the AGHP Standards of Practice for construction rope access and safety, project specifications, testing, and construction guidelines.

Rope Access Committee

The rope access committee is currently in the planning stages to develop a rope access guideline for working on slopes. The intent is to have committee members participate in the preparation of the guideline through subcommittees on individual topics (i.e. rappelling, self rescue, knots, etc.). Initially a planning subcommittee has been established to choose the individual subcommittees, establish a timeline, and develop a scope and purpose statement. One very important aspect of the scope and purpose is the use of single rope in the industry and the planning subcommittee is currently developing a position document on this topic. The subcommittee plans to meet in Washington, DC during the Transportation Research Boards annual meeting in January of 2015.

Standards and Specifications

The Standards and Specifications committee is working on a new standard specification for simple drapery system. The committee has identified all the different standards used in simple drapery specification around the world. The AGHP has approved a budget of $1,000 to buy the existing standards from different organizations and make them available for its members. The committee will use the available standards and specifications to draft the new simple drapery standard specification by following as much as possible the guide from the ASTM International. We are expecting to have the first draft within the next months.

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