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2D and 3D Statistical Analysis tools of Rockfalls by Rocsicence

The webinar will give a quick review on the 2D theories before presenting on the differences between the 2D and 3D impact theories. Then we will show the computed results and how they’re presented in the upcoming RocFall 3 software. The demo will focus on:

  • Creating the slope surface
  • Adding barriers
  • Computing
  • Animating rocks
  • Results Filtering
  • Contour heat maps
  • Graphing
Analysis tools for rockfalls image

Presented By:

Ellen Yeh photo

Ellen Yeh, M.Sc., P.E., S.E.

Geotechnical Software Developer, Rocscience Inc., Toronto, Ontario

Ellen is a Geotechnical Software Developer with over 12 years of engineering experience. Ellen earned her B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto and completed her M.Sc. in Civil (Structural) Engineering from the University of California – Berkeley. She worked as an intern at Rocscience Inc, a world leading 2D and 3D civil, mining and geotechnical software company, during her undergraduate years. Ellen began her career as a structural engineer, specializing in structural and seismic analysis, designs and detailing. In 2015, she came back to work at Rocscience Inc. as a researcher and geotechnical software developer. She helped develop RocFall, RocPlane, RocSupport, Swedge, Unwedge, RocTopple, Dips, etc.