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 Thermal Imaging for Rockfall Detection

The Geotechnical Center of Excellence (GCE) is engaged in an ongoing NIOSH-funded research project to test the effectiveness of thermal imaging cameras in detecting and recording rockfall events in surface mining operations as a method to protect mine workers from the risk of rockfalls. The webinar will include the following:

  • A review of the findings of Phase 1 of this project, which concluded in August 2022 and included development of a mobile monitoring platform (MMP) and data collection at eight different mines in all weather conditions and seasons.
  • A summary of GCE’s ongoing thermal imaging research (project Phase 2), which includes the development of an automated detection system using an image processing algorithm and development of a stand-alone system for future deployments. 
  • A short overview of other potential applications.
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Presented By:

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Julia Potter, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Geotechnical Center of Excellence

Julia Potter is the Co-Director of the Geotechnical Center of Excellence (GCE) at the University of Arizona. Julia has extensive experience, with over 11 years working as a geotechnical consultant for various projects in locations around the world. Her skill set includes modeling and design work for both open pit slopes and underground mines.

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Brad Ross, Ph.D.

Professor of Practice for Mining and Geological Engineering & Co-Director, Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources

Dr. Brad Ross is the Co-Director of the Geotechnical Center of Excellence at the University of Arizona. This center is dedicated to multi-disciplinary research and academics related to the geotechnical issues in the mining industry. He is also a Professor of Practice in the Mining and Geological Engineering Department. Brad is a Professional Mining Engineer with over 35 years of experience in the mining industry. For his last industry position, he was brought into Bingham Canyon Mine to help the mine prepare for and recover from the gigantic Manefay slope failure. He has written a book about this experience called “Rise to the Occasion – Lessons From the Bingham Canyon Manefay Slide”.