The Association of Geohazard Professionals Hosts First Webinar of 2019

The Association of Geohazard Professionals (AGHP) hosted a live webinar on snow avalanche risk assessment and mitigation this past January 24. Presented by Bruce Jamieson and Chris Wilbur, the webinar touched on a wide variety of topics including:

  • selected methods for characterizing snow avalanche terrain and extreme snow avalanches; including occurrence records, vegetation damage, statistical runout models, and dynamic runout models
  • short examples of qualitative and quantitative assessment and mapping methods for transportation corridors, occupied structures, transmission lines, and forests
  • examples of mitigation methods including structural defenses and remote avalanche triggering

To view and download the slides from the webinar click here.

The AGHP will host its second webinar on March 14, 2019. Titled “Sediment and Large Wood Trapping Structures: Best Options and Functional Design Approach”, Guillaume Piton of IRTSEA Torrential Erosion, Snow and Avalanche Research Unit in France will discuss sediment and large wood trapping structures.  The presentation will include industry best practices along with functional design and approach methods.

To register for the March 14, 2019 webinar click here. 


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